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Webinar - Career transitions made simple

At a career crossroads and not progressing as you should? 6 critical steps to find your next assignment where your contribution will be truly valued.

If you’ve reached a plateau and wonder how to reignite your career, whether you want to find your next assignment, start in a new field or even have your own business, you probably feel that you have a lot to offer and you don't want to settle for less.
Unlike other methods that are disconnected from reality or limited to tactical advice, this webinar will give you an end-to-end approach with proven strategies to reinvent your career.

Here is what participants in previous editions of this webinar said :
“I want to thank you for the webinar as well as for all the advice you gave us. It helped me to ask myself the right questions and to specify my vision.”

“The webinar addressed topics that are mostly ignored in the field of career management, however they are crucial for the ones who want to succeed."

“The big idea I gained from this webinar is the one of reality test. This is the one I had not considered which, thanks to modern technology, enables you to get a concrete understanding of your target role.”

“In general, I’m ok with my current professional situation but I am always seeking new territories to explore. From that point of view, the webinar was really good! I will follow your advice to get in touch with companies I’m interested in."

“I’ve been thinking about reorienting myself for a while, without managing to define the environment and activities that would fit me. I enjoyed the webinar a lot as it allowed me to structure my thoughts and identify paths to explore.”

“The webinar helped me to clearly identify why I struggle to find new consulting missions and what are the best practices in that regards.”

"Very informative and inspiring, definitely useful."

Not available?

The webinar will be recorded so you can catch up later, but you’ll have a more interactive experience if you are with us live. So if you can join us, please do!
However, if you register but can’t make it, please let us know in advance, so we can ensure you’ll get the recording and the bonus.

Lundi 12 avril 2021
12h30 - 14h00 (GMT +2)
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O'ona Souissi

O’ona Souissi accompagne les dirigeants et cadres pour les aider à construire une carrière qui a du sens. Fondatrice de Career On Purpose, elle intervient auprès des sociétés multinationales mais aussi des organisations internationales, scale ups, organisations non gouvernementales et universités. Elle est Executive Coach certifiée, avec un background en Développement et Conseil en Ressources Humaines à l’international, et membre accrédité de la Fédération Internationale du Coaching.

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